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Our Mission

  • To be a decision support resource for IT officials (ITOs) in the Public and Private Sectors for Mobile and Internet-based services.

Our Challenges (why are we doing this)

  • There is a tremendous demand for eBusiness and eGovernment initiatives, especially based on mobile computing, to support current and next generation of enterprises.

  • Unfortunately, many ICT (Information and Communication Technology) projects fail (Standish Group Chaos reports indicate failures in the 50% to 65% range).

  • The failure rates are higher (around 85%) in the financially strapped underserved sector (developing countries and small to medium enterprises).

  • The core problem is the re-invention of the wheel throughout the Learn-Plan-Do-Check cycle and not in one activity.

  • The needed know-how exists but the challenge is: how to transfer the know-how to all users rapidly, economically and globally.

Our Vision (how are we addressing the challenges)

  • One Stop Shop that supports the entire Learn-Plan-Do-Check cycle instead of one narrow activity.

  • Provide comprehensive set of integrated tools consisting of business patterns, business games, knowledge repositories, online courses, and computer aided planning tools.

  • Offer the tools as a cloud service that customizes and transfers the know-how to all users rapidly, economically and globally.

  • Use a computer aided consulting model to reduce time and cost by 70% (user does only 30% of the work, the system does the rest).\

  • Support IT officials (ITOs) of the public and private sectors in making crucial decisions in health, education, public safety, public welfare, transportation, and other vital sectors.

  • Quickly (in less than an hour) produce detailed technical plans and project management guidelines for more 100 mobile and Internet-based services for 192 countries.

  • Develop solutions for a global marketplace with information about 190 countries and use this information to create highly customized and detailed plans.

  • Support graduate education and training of ITOs in the public as well as private sectors.

Our Services

  • Computer Aided Consulting: We are pioneering a new paradigm for offering consulting services remotely by using innovative computer aided consulting environments.

  • Software development: We operate a software development house that develops software in the area of mobile/location based services, B2B emarket and social networks.

  • Research and Training: We engage in industrial research and offer corporate training in IT business, enterprise architectures and integration using SOA, and wireless communications. We use our computer aided tools to support our training programs.

  • Publications: We are publishing a series of books and technical reports on different aspects of NGEs (ebusiness, information security and mobile computing services).

Key Capabilities (what are the specific tools)

  • Patterns Repository for Industry Sectors (PARIS) that capture the core knowledge needed by SPACE (almost 100 services in more than 10 sectors such as healthcare, education, public safety, public welfare, transportation and others).

  • Games and Simulations that support decisions in strategic analysis, mobile services planning, interagency integrations and health exchanges, application migration versus integration tradeoffs, risks and failure management, and quality assurance.

  • Strategic Planning, Architecture, Controls, & Education (SPACE): An intelligent decision support tool for the IT officials in governments and the private sectors who need to actually plan, architect, integrate, and manage the needed IT initiatives quickly and effectively by using the best practices.

  • Planning, Integration, Security and Administration (PISA): A detailed planning tool that can be used to quickly build real life business scenarios and then guide the user through IT planning, integration, security and administration tasks by using best practices.

  • Global Entrepreneurship Zone for All (GEZA): A knowledge portal that provides a set of knowledge services ranging from starting a business to international partnership and outsourcing opportunities.

Our People

  • Initiated and led by a core team of six ICT professionals that include software engineers, IT managers and researchers.

  • We are guided by a large community of IT leaders from corporations such as IBM, Google, Bellcore, and World Wide IT Services Alliance (WITSA); government officials from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Republic of Macedonia, Government of Myanmar, Bahrain, and East African Community; and a large number of NGOs (Non Government Organizations) from more than 36 countries.

  • We enjoy active participation of researchers and graduate students from more than 15 universities from the United States, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Far East.

How to Get Started:

  • Please visit the SPACE site - it serves as a gateway to all other tools. Click here (Figure1) to see how it works.

  • You may visit the individual tools also, e.g., PISA, GEZA and SPACE.

Figure 1:Decision Support Center – The Architectural View

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