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Our Mission

  • To be a decision support resource for IT officials (ITOs) in the Public and Private Sectors for Mobile and Internet-based services.

Our Customers:

Anyone in the World, specifically the underserved sectors, who need to make informed decisions in:

  • Strategic Planning

  • Architectures and Integration

  • Controls and Governance

  • Education and Learning

Our Services

Computer Aided Consulting:

  • We offer computer aided consulting services to users located remotely anywhere in the world.

  •  We use SPACE as an innovative computer aided consulting environment.

Software Development:

  • We develop software in the areas of mobile/location based services, B2B emarket and social networks.

  • We have extensive software engineering experience in Microsoft .Net Environments

  • We have designed, developed and support the entire SPACE environment and its components (e.g., patterns, games and intelligent advisors)

Research Training and Publications:

  • We engage in industrial research and offer corporate training in Strategic IT planning, enterprise architectures and integration using SOA, and wireless communications.

  • We use SPACE to support hands-on experiments in our training programs.

  • We publish technical reports and books on different aspects of NGEs (ebusiness, information security and mobile computing services).

Special Projects:

  • We have developed GEZA (Global Entrepreneurship Zone for All) - a knowledge portal for entrepreneurs.

  • GEZA leverages the gamification and computer aided planning tools of SPACE.

  • We are always exploring new special projects that leverage SPACE in different countries (e.g., SPACE4Nigeria) and industry sectors (e.g., SPACE4Health).

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