PISA provides a computer aided consulting service for intelligent decision support in IT planning, integration, security and administration. The current focus of PISA is on small to medium business (SMBs); however PISA has been and can be used for larger organizations. Instead of several fragmented tools, PISA provides a family of automated consultants (Advisors) shown in the diagram (begin with red arrow 'start' and go clockwise).

Pisa advisors collaborate with each other and are segmented into three modules (PlanIT, SAM and AIM) to help its users in the following tasks:

IT Infrastructure planning (application planning, platform planning, network planning).

SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) planning (development and evaluation of SOA-based integrated architectures).

Security Planning (based on attack trees and security patterns) and project planning with staffing estimates and WBS (work breakdown structure) that can be ported to MS Project.

Case Middle Image