• Our Mission

  • Our Vision

Our Mission

We support digital innovations and digital transformations of any enterprise anywhere in the world.

Our Challenges

  • There is a tremendous demand for digital innovations and transformations around the globe, especially in developing countries and small to medium enterprises.

  • Unfortunately, many ICT (Information and Communication Technology) projects fail (Standish Group Chaos reports indicate failures in the 50% to 65% range). The failure rates are higher (around 85%) in the financially strapped underserved sector (developing countries and small to medium enterprises).

  • In addition, a wide range of digital solutions are needed that are location and topic specific and must comply with regional government policies and industry guidelines.

Our Vision

How are we addressing the challenges?

  • An eFactory that supports the entire Learn-Plan-Do-Check cycle instead of one narrow activity.

  • The eFactory generates highly customized topic specific portals rapidly to meet the local requirements.

  • Besides supporting UN Projects, this eFactory has been used to support graduate education at University of Pennsylvania, Fordham Graduate School of Business and Harrisburg University of Science and Technology.

  • The eFactory uses the latest developments in ICTs (AI/Machine Learning, Blockchain, IoTs) to produce location and topic specific smart hubs that collaborate with ach other.