We are focusing on integration of the next generation of business models (e.g., real-time business management, mobile processes and virtual operations through outsourcing) with the next generation technologies (e.g., wireless communications, broadband networks, semantic web, web services and service-oriented architectures).

We are currently involved in academic as well as industrial research and consultation projects that address the aforementioned issues. specifically, we are pursuing the following areas:

  • IT planning in the digital age.
  • IT for small to medium business.
  • Wireless communications and wireless security.
  • Enterprise architecture and integration through SOA.
  • Modern B2B marketplaces and digital communities with extensive social networking features.
  • Mobile computing applications, platforms and location-based services.
  • Integrated intelligent systems for computer aided consulting.

For additional information about our software development projects, send an email to: nge@ngesolutions.com indicate "software development" in e-mail subject.

We also offer high quality corporate training in th following areas:

  • IT for small to medium businesses.
  • Mobile computing and wireless communications.
  • Information system security, privacy and auditing for managers
  • Enterprise architecture and integration through SOA