NECON: Network of e-Consultants

We are pioneering the econsulting paradigm where the consulting services are delivered through a computer aided consulting environment (CACIT and CAPE). Our main idea is that computer aided consulting is a powerful concept that can have the same impact as computer aided design, computer aided manufacturing and computer aided software engineering. We are actively using the e-consulting paradigm in the developing countries through our work with the United Nations GAID (Global Alliance for ICT Development) initiative.

Encouraged by the results, we have initiated a Network of eConsultants (NECON) to further our experiences in this exciting area of work. Several consulting firms and independent consultants have already joined NECON. Our main areas of practice at present are (this list will evolve, of course):

If you are actively engaged in consulting services in these or other related areas, and want to join us in exploring this interesting area of work, please send an email to Dr. Umar at (please indicate NECON in the subject heading).